Carte Blanche Special
25 Mar 2007
This is Zuki Matamo from Mandela Park in Hout Bay. She’s on her way to work as a domestic in Llandudno. She ignores the taxis and hits the road. As a marathon runner she needs to train hard, and twice a week this punishing route takes her up the notorious Suikerbossie, and over the mountain. Once there she has to clean a four-bedroom house. See more >>

In South Africa, An Odd Couple Shoots for Fame - Wall Street Journal
12 Mar 2007
They were an unlikely duo when they joined forces in late 2005. Gilad Stern is a South African entrepreneur and former aide to Israeli peace negotiators. Evelina Tshabalala, a fellow South African, runs marathons, lives in a squatters camp and is infected with the AIDS virus. Their goal: to make Ms. Tshabalala a national hero and celebrity pitchwoman. Read more >>

Evelina Tshabalala is conquering the world
10 Mar 2007
Evelina Tshabalala isn't a "give-up" kind of woman. She's a fighter. "Even though I'm HIV-positive, I'm stronger than normal people," she says with determination. "I do things that most normal people can't do." Read more >>

From the mop to the top: a peak experience
27 Jan 2007
"I will be a mountaineer forever," declares Nomawethu Nika. "These mountains are in my blood now. I'm addicted to them." Read more >>

Domestic workers take on world's highest peak
15 Jan 2007
Sunday, 14th of January, two domestic workers from Hout Bay were on top of the world and everybody in it when they reached the peak of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
05 Jan 2007
It’s all Evie. Evie is the one who started it, she’s the one we follow.” Nomawethu (Noma) Nika is explaining how a group of young girls from an informal settlement on the fringes of Cape Town’s luxurious Hout Bay have joined in their training schedule.

Three women, seven summits
21 Nov 2006
Evelina Tshabalala, Zukiswa Matamo and Nomawethu Nika from Mandela Park informal settlement in Hout Bay, Cape Town are used to making their way through hardship.

Women of Isicongo summit highest peak in Europe
21 Sep 2006
On 2 September 2006, two domestic workers from the Mandela Park informal settlement in Hout Bay, boarded a plane destined for Russia, passports in hands and Roubles in pockets.

African lady climbers in preps for Everest, "Keep on dancing!"
20 Sep 2006
Few noticed when American Harvard grad Sophia Danenberg, 34, became the first black woman to step on the highest point on Earth earlier this year.

SA women climbing their way into history books
20 Sep 2006
Three South African women are on the verge of making international history. They are preparing to be the first black women, to conquer Mount Everest. After already scaling Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, these three superwomen say they intend to scale the seven highest summits in the world.

South African Elbrus - 2006 Expedition
09 Sep 2006
The Zulu word "isicongo" is used to suggest the summit of the mountain. It is also the name of a project of three South African women that intend to be the first black women climbed the highest peaks on each of the seven continents of the World.

Zuki conquers first of the Seven Summits
10 Aug 2006
On the 9 August, Women's Day in South Africa, Zuki Matamo summited Kilimanjaro. This was the first leg of a journey that will take her to the highest peak on every continent.

Moving your own mountains
03 Aug 2006
The Zulu word 'isicongo' is used to suggest the summit of the mountain. It is also the name of a groundbreaking project, fusing two women's passions for mountaineering and their tenacious drive to ascend the highest peaks on each of the seven continents of the world.

It's all about the height of courage
30 Jul 2006
Three friends have conquered considerable adversity to take on a great challenge, write Nashira Davids and Philani Nombembe

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