Evelina Tshabalala

On first introduction, Evelina Tshabalala's firm handshake is the perfect predictor of her personality – strong, assured and determined. On further investigation, this assessment is resolutely confirmed. Every element of her story indicates a character that is constantly striving to improve upon herself, break her own records and achieve her own ambitious goals. And there is never a doubt that she will triumph.

Zuki Matamo

Zuki Matamo's sense of humour emerges the minute you meet her. She is irrepressibly funny and good-natured. But below her cheerful outlook and small frame, lives an ambitious, determined woman, striving to break a world record. Zuki is participating in a project called Isicongo. She and two colleagues, are on a quest to ascend the Seven Summits of the world and ultimately be the first black women to summit Everest.

Nomawethu Nika

Nomawethu Nika was born in the Eastern Cape in a small town called Tarkastad. There, she grew up on a farm with fourteen other grandchildren, raised by her grandmother. This life is a far cry from where she finds herself now: beginning a journey that will take her to all of the seven continents, where she will attempt to climb the highest peak on each. On 17 February 2008 Noma summited Kosciuszko.

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